Marketplace Management’s corporate headquarters are located in a state-of-the-art 28,000 square foot facility in Livonia, Michigan. We have become the 3rd largest property management company in the United States, with nearly 3,000 properties under management.  We are committed to changing property management from small 1- to 2-guy mom-and-pop shops into a professional and respected industry with great people, processes, and customer experiences.

Marketplace Management assists homeowners in managing single family and condo properties in most US states, and is a part of the Marketplace Homes’ family of companies that are committed to maintaining the best customer service experience of any property management company in the US.

We are specifically designed to help owners with 1 to 4 homes collect rent and handle service and property repairs.  We have a 17-day average fill time, and a 5-day average turn time from the date our tenants move out– and 98.5% of our tenants pay.

We offer a team of 4 people for every home, flat fee pricing, and tenant guarantees to line our interests up with yours.


Super SAM:  Our Service Automation (SAM) was designed in-house to keep landlord, tenant, Marketplace Management, and trades in the loop of every step of the service process, making it simple for homeowners to get real time data on repairs.

ZipTours: Lauded as one of the biggest innovations to real estate since the white picket fence, ZipTours allows for each home to obtain 20 showings in 1 day, and an open house every day.  This has lowered fill times to an average of 17 days.

The Marketplace Homes family of companies has been named as the “fastest growing company in the US” 3 times in a row by INC magazine, “Companies to Watch” by governor Rick Snyder, “Visitor’s Choice” award by All Property Management 2 years in a row, and voted as a top workplace in Metro Detroit by the Detroit Free Press.

Marketplace Management CEO Mike Kalis is a regular contributor to many different industry publications and has been cited in Entrepreneur, INC, Builder Magazine, Fox Business Network, and Forbes.