Why Marketplace Management?

Why is the real estate industry not in alignment with YOU?  Why does a manager get rewarded with more commissions for getting you bad tenants?
We believe there’s a better way.
Hire Marketplace Management to fill your home and if our resident doesn’t pay, we refill your home for free. In addition, we cover all legal and court costs, saving you thousands.
Starting at $1,000 to fill and $3 a day, we can make your problems go away!
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Alfred the Realtor and how NOT to sell real estate.

Why is it impossible to set up a showing for a rental home?

Why don’t agents prioritize properties for rent? At Marketplace Management, we’ve reinvented the showing process for the rental home.

Hire Marketplace Management and at no additional cost, you receive ZipTours. This technology allows for up to 20 showings a day, meaning your home is filled fast. In fact, we have a 17-day average fill time.



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Our pricing is simple: Starting at $1,000 to fill, plus $90 per month.

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Investors Acquiring Homes

Looking for strong returns with less risk in single family rental homes? Purchase a new construction home through Marketplace Homes and we’ll agree to a Guaranteed Lease for up to 6 years. We cut the grass, shovel the snow, and you get paid even if there is no tenant. It’s GUARANTEED!

Marketplace TurnKey New Construction Program

It takes 30 minutes to find out about our current new construction opportunities.

  • We partner with large public builders offering up to a 10-year warranty.

  • We provide you the best valued investments.

  • We provide guaranteed rent for up to 6 years.

Accidental Property Owners

Did you acquire a home that needs lots of work but don’t want to invest the time or money? If you partner with Marketplace Management, we’ll invest the money and resources to fix up your home and split the upside.

Marketplace Partnership Program

Your home doesn’t have to be pretty when you give it to us, but it will be when we give it back!

  • We provide funds to fix your home and oversee the repairs with our skilled team.

  • We partner on the property and share upside.

  • You invest no capital


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Message From Mike

I’m Mike Kalis, and I’m passionate about changing real estate for the better. At Marketplace Homes, we believe that our innovative solutions and unique approach provide a better experience for our clients. If you feel one of our team members has provided exceptional service, please let us know! If you have a suggestion for how we can make things better, please share it with me! Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and I want to do all I can to make sure your experience with us is the best it can be. I read all messages personally, and will respond within three business days.



CEO, Marketplace Homes

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